Factory Classes

Youth Climbing Classes

Tiny Reachers

Ages: 2.5 – 4yrs

Description: This 45 minutes class is a perfect intro for our youngest climbers to climb alone with their parent or guardian and learn the basics of movement and problem solving through educational games, activities and climbing. Through focused lessons that target enhancing your little one’s motor skills and listening and comprehensive skills, we challenge your child to develop their physical and mental muscles and explore new possibilities. Parent or guardian participation is required unless approved by instructor.

Saturday 9am-9:45am

$100/Month for One Class Per Week
$180/Month for Two Classes Per Week
Pricing Includes Full Membership

Ready Reachers

Ages: 4-8yrs

Description: This 1-Hour class is the next step up from Tiny Reachers and structured to progressively improve upon what was learned, as well as begin to truly develop as movers on the wall. In this class, we stress problem solving, listening and begin to teach what it means to work towards goals. Our Ready Reachers will be able to explore our full facility with the guidance of our coaches and discover more about the wonderful world of climbing.

Saturday 9:55am-10:55am

Sunday 10:45am-11:45pm

$100/Month for One Class Per Week
$180/Month for Two Classes Per Week
Pricing Includes Full Membership

Super Reachers

Ages: 8-12yrs

Description: This 1.5 Hour class is aimed towards capitalizing on all major concepts of movement and problem solving in an encouraging atmosphere.  This class consists of climbers of any basic ability level that want to take their climbing to the next level, enjoy climbing related games, or just come to climb alongside their teammates! Our coaches will work with and train any children interested in moving up to our more advanced teams, and will also cater to the needs of the team members that simply want to have fun!

Wednesday 5:30pm-7pm

Saturdays: 11am-12:30pm

Sunday: 9am-10:30am

$100/Month for One Class Per Week
$180/Month for Two Classes Per Week
Pricing Includes Full Membership

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Coaches for Classes

Michelle Gainer

Michelle Gainer – Climbing Coach

Michelle has been climbing for 14 years. Her favorite area to climb is New River Gorge and her favorite thing about climbing is the clarity of being way up above everything. 

Her goal is to someday lead 5.12. 

Fun Fact: I have driven I 80 across the country 6 times, including 2 trips on the Al/Can

Lyman Rhodes

Lyman Rhodes – Climbing Coach

Lyman has been climbing for 6 years. His favorite climbing area is Rumney Rocks and his favorite thing about climbing is how it makes your mind and body strong and capable from finger tips to toe tips. 

His climbing goal is 6 pitches of 5.12 trad just for the exposure.

Fun fact: I love hand stands.