Factory Coaches

Charlie Schreiber

Charlie Schreiber – Head Coach and Director of Programming

Charlie Schreiber, CSCS has been coaching, competing, and route-setting for gyms in the Northeast for over 12 years. He is an 8-time Youth National Championship competitor, he now continues competing on a national level as an adult. His knowledge and experience have been instrumental to his coaching. He helped open the doors and was Head Coach and Head (and only) Route Setter at High Exposure Climbing Gym in NJ. At High Exposure Charlie took a team of exclusively first time climbers, and quickly created a National Champion, a 1st place Team victory at the Regional Championships, 28 individual National Championship invitations, and 3 podium finishes.

Charlie is a sponsored athlete and brand ambassador for The North Face, Butora, and Beta Labs. He climbs and trains 4-5 times a week indoors and  has climbed at destinations all over the world. He loves to get outdoors as much as possible and helped write the guidebook for the popular Torne Valley Powerlines Area in NY.

As an adult competitor, he is the previous Tri-State Bouldering Series Champion, and has competed in 2 Bouldering World Cups, 3 ABS Open Bouldering National Championships, 5 Bouldering National Cup Series events and over 50 Open Bouldering Competition Finals.

Charlie’s specialty is in understanding the techniques needed to excel in competition climbing. His focus is learning how to better his mental approach, physical skills, warm-up routine, training plan, proper nutrition, flexibility/mobility and everything and anything that goes into the equation of being prepared for competition. His passion is to share this with anyone else that shares a love for climbing and self-improvement.

Jackie Finkelstein

Jackie Finkelstein – Coach

Jackie has been climbing for 13 years. Her favorite climbing crag is the Gunks and what she loves most about climbing is the community. She’s met life long friends through the climbing scene. They have always pushed her to try harder and celebrate her successes and comfort her failures both in climbing and life.

Her climbing goal at almost 40 years old will be to keep trucking in the climbing scene for as long as she can and climb crags all over the world. Jackie is eyeing up Thailand and Greece for her next global climbing adventure.

Fact: She’s a highly educated person who loves reading and researching anything philosophical, anthropological and social theory based.

Nick Ranelli

Nick Ranelli – Coach and Instructor

Nick has been climbing for 3 years. His favorite place to climb is The Gunks and his favorite thing about climbing is seeing people improve. 

His goal in climbing is to be the best that he can be and help others to be the best that they can be.

Favorite food – Bananas or pizza with mushrooms, pineapple, and other random vegetables. 

Benjamin Lehrer

Ben has been climbing competitively and recreationally for 6 years. You can usually find him bouldering at Gretna or Haycock, but his favorite crags include the New River Gorge, the Red River Gorge, and Hueco. He is a sponsored athlete with both Beta Labs and Neon Climbing.

He loves the intellectual and personal aspects of climbing. Climbing hits his sweet spot between competitive and completely laid back. He enjoys the thought process of finding and stimulating personal beta and solutions for challenging routes and boulders.

Fun fact: Ben invented and patented a climbing fitness and route tracker, which is now being marketed by Climbalytics. He is an aerospace engineering major, and hopes to someday climb in space. 

Lyman Rhodes

Lyman Rhodes – Climbing Coach

Lyman has been climbing for 6 years. His favorite climbing area is Rumney, NH and his favorite thing about climbing is how it makes your mind and body strong and capable from finger tips to toe tips. 

His climbing goal is 6 pitches of 5.12 trad just for the exposure.

Fun fact: I love hand stands.

Max Blauer

Max Blauer – Coach and Instructor

Max has been climbing for 10 years. His favorite climbing area is Ten Sleep, WY and his favorite thing about climbing is creating a wonderful experience at the intersection of recreation and spirituality. As in climbing, so in life!

Goals in climbing:

Ropes: Dreamcatcher 5.14d Squamish, BC Mango Tango 5.14a New River Gorge

Boulders: Evilution Direct V11 Bishop, CA Airstar V13 Rocklands, South Africa

Fun Fact: Summited Devil’s Tower when I was 11, competed at PanAm games in Mexico City at age 13

Michelle Gainer

Michelle Gainer – Climbing Coach

Michelle has been climbing for 14 years. Her favorite area to climb is the New River Gorge. Her favorite thing about climbing is the clarity of being way up above everything. 

Her goal is to someday lead 5.12. 

Fun Fact: I have driven I 80 across the country 6 times, including 2 trips on the Al/Can