Factory Fitness Classes


We run a wide variety of fitness classes throughout the week; see calendar for details.

Functional Strength

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A class aimed to increase overall total body strength. Movement concepts, protocols, and techniques from this class will be utilized in all other classes. The acquisition of strength is the primary catalyst for improving all aspects of fitness. This class will teach participants the essential movement patterns of the human body: pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, lunging, planking, rotation/anti-rotation, and walking/crawling/carrying. Programming of these movements will be utilized in strength sequences by breaking down the class into exercises targeting these movement patterns. Participants can expect a total body strength challenge to build them up for all fitness endeavors standing before them.

Cardio Conditioning

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A class aimed to increase overall cardiovascular endurance and conditioning. This class will utilize intense bouts of work by incorporating high intensity intervals and other protocols to maximize excess post exercise oxygen consumption. This will allow the body to continue burning calories several hours post workout. Participants should expect a high intensity, heart-pumping workout. Those at more of a beginner level can modify movements and rest periods to match current level of fitness.

Boot Camp

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This class is the perfect blend of all fitness classes at Reach. It will touch on all aspects of fitness: muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardio conditioning. Various protocols will be combined in each workout for a fun and challenging routine that is approachable for all fitness levels. Expect a total body, high intensity challenge.

Kettlebell Training

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Kettlebells provide the unique advantage of being perfectly shaped for repetitive ballistic motion allowing participants to improve strength and cardiovascular conditioning in one workout. The hardstyle system of kettlebell training consists of 6 base movements: swing, squat, clean, getup, overhead press, and snatch. Participants will master these movements and incorporate one total body system designed to hit every muscle group in the body through enhancement of the overall nervous system. Each class will focus on building the skills of two of the six base hardstyle movements. The remainder of class will focus on less-skilled movements (rows, lunges, core movements) that can be combined into challenging circuits and other protocols. Participants will learn to apply full body tension and shed body fat, while reshaping the body with one simple, yet effective tool.

TRX Training

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The TRX suspension trainer is an amazing implement for achieving optimal total body strength using only your own bodyweight! Every TRX movement is designed to engage the core in addition to the targeted muscle groups. It is very user friendly, as the difficulty of each movement is dependent on the angle taken by the participant. Beginners can start with very easily approachable angles, while experts can push to whatever intensity they can handle. Participants will be blown away by much of a total body workout they can achieve with 2 simple nylon straps.

  • Kinstretch
  • HIIT 
  • Core Burnout/Conditioning: One of the key components to training for climbing is developing a strong core. This quick but intense class will strengthen your body in a challenging and fun workout. Core strength can help prevent injury and make you a stronger climber.