Factory Private Lessons

Here at The Factory we give opportunities to develop and grow your strength, fitness and movement skills in many different ways. One of the specific ways that we do this is through private lessons. With more attention to detail and entirely tailored around your needs, our coaches will help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have. The private atmosphere gives you the time and attention that you need to truly learn and develop the skills needed to improve exponentially as an athlete and a healthy individual!

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Meet The Coaches

Charlie Schreiber

Instructor Charlie Schreiber free climbing rock in the woods

Head Coach, Charlie Schreiber, CSCS has been coaching for 8 years and as previous head coach at High Exposure, sent climbers to Nationals every season. Charlie has been climbing for 11 years and has been bouldering and sport climbing at a Competitive level for 10 years. He has attended 10 National Championships and 2 Bouldering World Cups with training from world class coaches. Charlie has climbed all over the world and has climbed at the V12 bouldering level.

Send Charlie an e-mail at charlie@reachclimbing.com to schedule a Private Lesson.

Nick Ranelli

Nick Ranelli, CFT has been an athlete all his life. He competed in the south korean martial art of Tang Soo Do for 10 years, where he won multiple national championship titles and many national championship attendances. He has been competing in climbing for 3 years and has attended nationals for speed climbing, and climbs around the V9 bouldering level. He is a newly certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist. Nick aims to use his knowledge and experience to help climbers achieve their goals, and anyone looking to improve their health and fitness.

Send Nick an e-mail at Nick@reachclimbing.com to schedule a Private Lesson.