Private Belay

1-Hour of private top-rope belaying. You choose whichever routes you would like to climb, and our instructors will help you to the top. A great way to introduce yourself to rock climbing.

  • Includes rental equipment
  • All ages


  • 1 or 2 climbers – $60
  • 3 climbers – $80
  • 4 climbers – $100
child climbing on blue wall being belayed by an instructor
rock climbing wall from arial view with instructor belaying student

Belay Lesson

Learn to be on the other end of the rope for your climbing partner! During this one hour class, you’ll learn the crucial skills of how to be a competent belayer. Belaying is the act of managing the rope for the climber, allowing them to climb tall routes safely. Completion of the Top Rope Belay class allows you to climb when you want, where you want, and without having to depend on our staff or auto-belays!

This class is geared towards people with little or no climbing experience but want to be able to enjoy REACH to the fullest and expand their climbing prowess.

  • Includes rental equipment
  • Ages 12 & up
  • Reservation Required


$35 per climber

Bouldering Basics

In this class, our experienced bouldering instructors will guide you through the fundamental safety and movement techniques of indoor bouldering. Whether it is your first time bouldering, or you’re seeking to polish your skills, Bouldering Basics is designed to address common mistakes, improve your technique and direct you away from developing bad habits in your climbing. The class follows a set curriculum that focuses on body movements, fall technique, and etiquette. In order to allow for hands-on demonstrations and personalized attention for each participant, we limit our class sizes.

  • Class Size – Maximum 6
  • Ages 12 & up


$40 Non-Members
Free For Members

instructor bouldering gray wall with colorful grips
blue rock climbing wall with ropes hanging down

Lead Class

In this class, our experienced route climbing instructors will teach you the necessary skills needed to lead climb in the gym with confidence! Specific instruction in lead belaying, communication, rope management, and clipping technique is provided to all participants.

  • Top rope belay certified at REACH
  • Climbing ability of 5.10 or higher
  • Ages 18 years of age or older
  • Youth climbers currently registered as USA Climbing competitors, in the Youth B category or higher, may sign up, but the first two prerequisites still apply). There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Reservations Required
  • Durations: 2.5 hours
  • Class Size: Maximum of 4


  • $65 Members
  • $85 Non-Members

Adult Technique Classes

This class is designed to take Intermediate to Advanced-level climbers and give them the tools to take their climbing to the next level. Our elite-level bouldering instructors will work with you to perfect your warm-up, body positioning, footwork, route reading, styles of movement, strength and power. Instructors will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and will provide you with feedback and plans to help you train efficiently and improve upon the various aspects of climbing that are important to pushing through your current plateau.

  • For climbers V3-7 or 5.10-5.12 (Ages 12+)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Class Size: 8 Maximum


  • Free for Members
  • $60 Non-Members
instructor bouldering on gray wall with colorful grips
Instructor Charlie Schreiber free climbing rock in the woods

Private Lessons

Learn beginner through expert technique with our seasoned coaches one on one. A great way to advance to the next level. Please call for more information.

Instructor Bio:

Head Coach, Charlie Schreiber, CSCS  has been coaching for 8 years and as previous head coach at High Exposure, sent climbers to Nationals every season. Charlie has been climbing for 11 years and has been bouldering and sport climbing at a Competitive level for 10 years. He has attended 10 National Championships and 2 Bouldering World Cups with training from world class coaches. Charlie has climbed all over the world and has climbed at the V12 bouldering level.

Send Charlie an e-mail at to schedule a Private Lesson.