Youth Climbing Team


The world of competitive rock climbing is one that fosters individual problem-solving skills, determination, and team working abilities for kids of all ages. Our program has 4 different teams that cater to all ability levels. Each of our climbing teams is comprised of children that have near-equal climbing experience and talent and are interested in taking climbing to the next level. Our experienced and supportive coaches will make sure that all athletes will be trained in varied aspects of rock climbing from basic to advanced skills including climbing safety knowledge, body awareness, footwork, core strength, balance, flexibility, injury prevention, and a strong mental game. Our teams will also be exposed to and work towards continually advancing their talents in Bouldering, Sport Climbing, and Speed Climbing. In addition to striving to surpass each climber’s personal goals, we also aim to build our climber’s self-confidence and analytic skills, which will help them succeed in any and all endeavors. Our team curriculum is designed to ensure that your children develop an appreciation and mastery of movement, fitness, and mental fortitude that they can always apply to enhance the quality of their physical and mental health.

instructor explaining concept to youth


CLUB TEAM (Success Team)

The Intermediate Team consists of climbers of any basic ability level that want to take their climbing to the next level, enjoy climbing related games, or just come to climb alongside their teammates! Our coaches will work with and train any children interested in moving up to our more advanced teams, and will also cater to the needs of the team members that simply want to have fun!

Intermediate Team:
Ages 7-16
Ability Level: No prior climbing experience necessary.

ADVANCED TEAM (New Heights Team)

The Advanced Team consists of climbers that have the basics mastered and want to take their climbing to a higher level. A stepping-stone between the Intermediate and the Competitive team, the Advanced team members will fine-tune all of the skills they have acquired in the past and will be taught more advanced technical movements, strength workouts, and climbing exercises.

Advanced Team Requirements:
Ages 7-16
Ability Level: Kids of any age must be able to climb 5.9/V1.


The Competitive Team consists of climbers that possess vast experience, strength, and ability. In order to continue and maximize progression, competitive team members will constantly follow multiple training regiments suited for athletes competing at the national and global level. During practices, they will be given professional guidance and will work to maximize their technique, problem-solving skills, athleticism and all-around strength.

Competitive Team:
Ages 8-19
Ability Level: Kids between the ages 8-11yrs must be able to climb 5.11a/V3.
Kids between the ages 12-14yrs must be able to climb 5.11c/V4.
Kids that are 14yrs or older must be able to climb 5.12a/V5.
Must Own Shoes, Chalk Bag, Harness.
Participation in 2 or more local competitions
Participation in 5 or more independent weekend trips/competitions to other locations
Participation in 3 or more “Mock Competitions”
Participation in 1 or more Sunday Practice Sessions
Participation in 2 Team Practices per week
Regional Championship Attendance
USA climbing membership

ELITE TEAM (Star Team)

This is our highest level team of youth climbers, who are focused on becoming nationally and internationally competitive, and whose goals are to reach the pinnacle of climbing ability. In order to qualify, team members must have previously competed in a full season of USA climbing competitions, qualified for Divisional Championships, and meet all of the understated requirements. This team participates in the competition circuit; in local competitions as well as Regional, Divisional and National Championships. The team practices three times a week and competes in all three disciplines. The elite level program is designed with training exercises that are more intense to help all the climbers reach their full potential.

Elite Team:
*Invitation Only.
Ages 8-19
Ability Level: Kids between the ages 8-11yrs must be able to climb 5.12a/V5.
Kids between the ages 12-14yrs must be able to climb 5.12c/V6.
Kids that are 14yrs or older must be able to climb 5.13a/V7.
Own Shoes, Chalk Bag, Harness
Participation in 3 or more local competitions
Participation in 12 or more independent weekend trips/competitions to other locations
Participation in 6 or more “Mock Competitions”
Participation in 3 Team Practices per week
Regional Championship Attendance and Goal of National Championships
Individualized Macrocycle of training, that includes Mesocycles through the routes, bouldering
and outdoor season.
USA climbing membership


Level 1: Intermediate/Beginner Team

Times: 2 Available Days to pick from. (Kids practice 1 Day per Week, 1.5 hr practices)
Recommended Days: Wednesday and/or Saturday, Wednesday: 5-6:30 pm, Saturday: 9am-10:30 am.

Acceleration Package: Come 2 days per week if one is interested in moving up to Advanced Team.

Level 2: Advanced Team

Times: (Kids practice 2 days per week, 2hr practices). Recommended days: Wednesday and Saturday, Wednesday: 5pm-7pm, Saturday: 11am-1pm.

Level 3: Competitive Team

Times: (Kids practice 3 days per week, 2hr practices). Recommended days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 6pm-8pm.

Level 4: Elite Team

Times: (Kids practice 3 days per week at Reach, 3hr practices). Recommended days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 5pm-8pm.


Intermediate Team: 20 members

Price: 1-class: $95/month, 2-classes: $175/month

Advanced Team: 20 members

Price: $215/month

Competitive Team: 15 members

Price: $245/month

Elite Team: 15 members

Price: $295/month

Bouldering Mock Competitions

Every Friday from 5pm – 7:15pm. (Rare cancellations will be posted on our website and sent out in email notification.)

-On-sight Format, meant to replicate USA Climbing Regionals.

-Qualifying Round (5pm-6:30pm): 5 Boulder Problem On-Sight Round. Finals (6:45pm-7:15pm): 2 Boulder Problem On-Sight Round.

-REACH’s Competitive or Elite Climbing Team Members: Additional $25/month for monthly entry. ($25 pays for ALL Fridays of that month).

-Non-REACH members: $25 Entry for EACH Competition.

***Maximum of 20 Climbers allowed per mock competition.

We highly encourage that you call or register online prior to the day-of the competition to guarantee a space.

Top 50% in each Category proceed to Final Round.

Climbers are encouraged to arrive before 5pm to warm-up and attend the rules meeting at 4:50pm.

Climbers will compete in their respective groups based on ability level.
Group 1: V7+
Group 2: V5-V7
Group 3: V5 and Below and/or Younger than 10yrs old.


Head Coach: Charlie Schreiber

Charlie SchreiberCharlie has been coaching, competing and route-setting for a multitude of gyms on the East Coast for the past 12 years. As an 8-time Youth National Championships Competitor for Bouldering, Sport and Speed Climbing, he has continued his career as an Open competitor and has used his knowledge of competition to teach the upcoming youth of our sport. He helped open the doors of and was the Head Coach and Head (and only) Route Setter at currently set routes and boulder-problems at High Exposure Climbing Gym in NJ for 4 years. For High Exposure, Charlie took a youth team of exclusively first-day climbers, and quickly created a National Champion, a 1st place Team victory at the Regional Championships, 28 individual National Championship invitations, and 3 podium finishes.

Charlie is a sponsored athlete and brand ambassador for The North Face, Butora, and Beta Labs. He climbs and trains 4-5 times a week indoors and outdoors and has climbed at destinations all over the world. He loves to get outdoors as much as possible and has even opened up access to and helped write the guidebook for the now very popular Torne Valley Powerlines Area (see him on his highball FA on the cover of the guidebook). He has also managed to inspire his local communities with his hardest ascents being many V11 and V12 East Coast test-pieces.

As an adult competitor, he is the previous Tri-State Bouldering Series Champion, and has competed in 2 Bouldering World Cups, 3 ABS Open Bouldering National Championships, 5 Bouldering National Cup Series events and over 50 Open Bouldering Competition Finals.

Charlie’s specialty is in understanding the techniques needed to excel in competition climbing. He spends all of his time and energy focused on learning how to better his mental approach, physical skills, warm-up routine, training plan, proper nutrition, flexibility/mobility and everything and anything that goes into the equation of being prepared for competition. His passion is to share this with anyone else that shares a love for climbing and self-improvement.