Elite Team

Our Elite Team is made up of climbers ranging from the ages of 8 and 19. These climbers have vast experience, strength, and ability and train at a professional level. The Elite Team is our highest level team of youth climbers, who are focused on becoming nationally and internationally competitive, and whose goals are to reach the pinnacle of climbing ability. In order to qualify, team members must have previously competed in a full season of USA climbing competitions, qualified for Divisional Championships, and meet all of the understated requirements. This team participates in the competition circuit; in local competitions as well as Regional, Divisional and National Championships.

Meet Our Elite Team



Noah has been rock climbing for 9 years competitively. His favorite type of rock climbing is bouldering and his favorite style is campussing. He loves rock climbing for the rush on onsight format competitions, accomplishing new goals and having lots of fun climbing with his friends.


Age: 14

Brodie has been rock climbing for 10 years. Her favorite type of rock climbing is bouldering, specifically boulders that are dynamic and/or technical. She loves rock climbing because nothing is the same. Every time you get on the wall, you are doing something different and unique.


Age: 15

David has been rock climbing for 8.5 years. His favorite type of rock climbing is sport climbing. He loves pulling hard moves with lots of air beneath my feet. He loves rock climbing because of the freedom in the movements. On the wall, nothing seems to matter but himself and the problem/route. It’s a natural escape, pure adrenaline and true bliss.


Age: 14

Benn has been climbing since he was 7 years old for a total of 7 years. His favorite type of climbing is lead and favorite styles are flat and slightly overhanging. He loves rock climbing because it’s fun, keeps him in shape, and he loves competing in something he is good at. 


Josh has been climbing for 4 years. He started at a summer camp because he was scared of heights so he tried climbing to get over that fear. He like bouldering because he feel like he is less attached to the wall and he can do more and he love climbing because it’s fun challenging and rewarding


Alex has been climbing for 5 years. She started climbing when her  dad took her to the climbing gym and she immediately fell in love with it. Her favorite discipline is sport climbing because sheI enjoys the long routes and being high up. Climbing to her is a way to relieve stress and function as an exercise.


Jasmine discovered climbing when she was 5 1/2 years old when she took a field trip to a gym. She started competitive climbing age 9. Her favorite style of climbing is bouldering on overhang is her favorite as she loves the dynamic moves. She says ‘climbing is an analogy for life, some things are harder than others but you have to learn how to persist through the challenges, be ok with failure and when you finally do succeed it’s the best feeling. Favorite color is grey-blue.


Sydney has been rock climbing since the age of 7 and began competing at age 8. Her favorite type of rock climbing is bouldering, and her favorite styles are crimpy and volumes. She loves rock climbing because it makes her happy and she loves the community.


Jake started climbing when he was 13. He joined a local team in 2017 where he started competing at the age 14. He has been climbing for 3 years. His favorite type of climbing is bouldering. His favorite style is overhung or dynamic climbing, especially on crimps. He loves climbing because it gives him the opportunity to train hard in order to reach his goals and see himself become stronger.


Colby has been climbing for 8 years. He discovered climbing when his dad brought him to PRG as an early Christmas present at the age of 8 and he has been hooked ever since. Every day that he comes into climb, there is a new challenge for him to conquer, and each climb forces him to think in a different way. He has always loved lead climbing as well. Outside of climbing he enjoys playing board games and hanging out with his friends.