Reach is more than just rock climbing. We also offer an array of yoga classes.  Yoga is a great way to relax your mind and body while also exercising and stretching your muscles.

Our diverse weekly classes range from beginner yoga to advanced multiple person acrobatic yoga!  Our certified yoga instructors are highly qualified and very passionate about what they do making the classes both enjoyable and well worth your time. For anyone looking for yoga classes near Philadelphia, we have a great selection of options for you!

All yoga classes are included, at no extra cost, with your membership or day pass purchase!

Yoga Class Calendar

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Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa is an energizing practice that incorporates fluid movements to promote strength, flexibility, and balance. Flow through sun salutations and dynamic sequences of poses as you link breath with movement. This class is open to all levels and abilities, as poses can be modified to accommodate both beginners and more advanced students.

Acro Yoga

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Acro Yoga is a dynamic blend of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage.  If you want to perform impressive acrobatic displays with a partner or small group, you’re in the right place!  This social variant of yoga helps build balance and strength beyond the individual limits of other yoga practices – all in a fun and supportive community setting. Join us!

Express Yoga

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Life is hectic and you don’t always have the time to commit to a full yoga session.  We get it! Our Express Yoga class will move you through a series of poses intended to get you limbered and back on your way in half the time.

Yin Yoga

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Yin – a slower paced practice of yoga, focusing on slow deliberate movements and holding poses for longer periods.  By spending more time in each pose, practitioners can relax their muscles, deepen the stretch, and improve strength through balance.  This style of yoga targets the body’s connective tissues allowing you to regulate your flow of energy.

Hatha Yoga

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In our Hatha Yoga practice you’ll use props (foam blocks, blankets, straps) to assist in holding poses for much longer than other styles of yoga. This allows you to focus on your breathing, which can release tension in your muscles and help you experience true relaxation. If you find that other yoga practices make you sweat too much, experience discomfort, or overly exert yourself, Hatha will be a great match!

Restorative Yoga


With our Restorative Yoga practice, set the tone for your weekend by unburdening yourself from the physical, mental, and emotional stressors that have built up during the week. Ease into relaxation and exit the studio renewed and reinvigorated to make the most of your stay at Reach!