Technique Classes

Rock climbing classes for adults that cover everything from basic safety guidelines and developing good habits, to advanced courses such as top rope belay classes and more. Take a look below to find the right program for your experience level.

Beginner Technique

In this class, our experienced bouldering instructors will guide you through the fundamental safety and movement techniques of indoor bouldering. Whether it is your first time bouldering, or you’re seeking to polish your skills, Beginner Technique is designed to address common mistakes, improve your technique and direct you away from developing bad habits in your climbing. The class follows a set curriculum that focuses on body movements, fall technique, and etiquette.

Free For Reach Members

$30 For Non-Members

Intermediate Technique 1 & 2

This technique class is geared toward V1-V4 level climbers looking to move more efficiently on the wall.  Learn more advanced concepts to improve your bouldering and roped climbing.  This class’ curriculum is design to get you more cognizant of figuring out how to read a climb’s beta on your own.

Free For Reach Members

$40 For Non-Members

Belay Classes

Top Rope Belay Class

Learn to be on the other end of the rope for your climbing partner! During this  class, you’ll learn the crucial skills of how to be a competent belayer.

Completion of the Top Rope Belay class, and passing the follow-up test, allows you to climb when you want, where you want, and without having to depend on our staff or auto-belays!

Free For Members

$45 For Non-Members

This Class Is Intended For New Climbers Who Are At Least 14 Years Old 

Lead Climb & Belay Class

Want to dive into the world of sport climbing? This class will teach you everything you need to know to be able to confidently lead climb at Reach, or anywhere else for that matter, while giving you a chance to practice hands on.

$65 For Members

$85 For Non-Members

Must Be 16+ years old, Top Rope Belay Certified, & Able To Climb 5.10 Comfortably