Private Lessons

Here at Reach Climbing & Fitness we want everyone to develop and grow their climbing skills. One of the ways that we do this is through private rock climbing lessons. Our coaches teach private lessons to help you develop your climbing skills, increase your base level fitness, and help you become a better overall climber. The private atmosphere gives you the one-on-one time and attention that you need to truly learn and develop the skills needed to improve exponentially as a climber.

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Meet The Coaches

Meghan found climbing in 2007 after spending the majority of her youth competing in swimming and track. She immediately fell in love with the community and unique challenges climbing has to offer. Primary focused on bouldering, she has traveled all over the country to compete and climb outdoors.

With 10 years of route setting and 8 years of competitive coaching experience, Meghan brings an all-inclusive perspective to coaching. When she is not climbing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter.

Hi! My name is Max and I have been climbing for over 20 years. I placed 17th at nationals as a youth competitor before injuries caused me to quit the competition scene. After a 7 year hiatus during higher education I rediscovered my love for climbing.

As an instructor, I try to center joy and recreation through the application of specific climbing techniques. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone light up when they have those “aha!” moments on the wall while taking class with me.

I genuinely love teaching others to climb so that they might experience some of what has made this sport feel so special to me for so many years.

Madelyn has joined the coaching team recently and has been a member at Reach since February 2023. She graduated from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology. Before working at Reach, she worked at an after-school program as a teacher’s assistant. She is calm and patient and has a passion for working with kids. Learning what best allows each individual to thrive in the learning environment, while still ensuring an engaging experience, is what she enjoys most. She is looking forward to bringing this same mindset to teaching and coaching at Reach.

Michael’s passion is to share the outdoors with anyone and everyone. Over the past six years, he’s worked on honing his craft as an instructor. In October of 2023, he recertified his AMGA Single Pitch instructor certification. One of his dreams is to attain the Rock Guide certificate. He has explored the sheer granite in the Wasatch, Potrero Chico’s soaring limestone cliffs, the Wind River Range, the Tetons, and many of the best routes the East has to offer. He is beyond psyched to get nerdy and talk about the nitty gritty of gear, anchoring techniques, and all things climbing. When he’s not climbing, he’s usually hanging out with his wife, Maddy, or playing video games with his friends.

Connor’s climbing journey began with hard hikes in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire. Being around such incredible landscapes eventually enticed him to learn how to climb more technical terrain. After his first visit to a climbing gym, he was hooked on climbing and has dedicated the last four years to getting better at all things climbing. While he started as a gym climber, he has since expanded into trad climbing, sport climbing, and some moderate ice routes.

He is now pursuing an MPH at Arcadia University with the hope of helping to fight the opioid epidemic. When he’s not studying or climbing, he enjoys triathlons, the occasional video games and traveling.

Hello! My name is Leo and I started climbing during the pandemic in 2020, when I was unable to participate in the sport in which I normally compete and coach, ultimate frisbee.

One thing that immediately drew me to climbing is that it was my first individual sport – you can shut out all the other noise and simply focus on how your movements affect on-the-wall performance. With a Master’s in Exercise Science, I’ve used my background in biomechanics and exercise physiology alongside tools like film analysis to make the learning process for climbing a bit more systematic and structured.