Fitness Classes

Reach has a great selection of classes for you – whether you’re looking to supplement your climbing with some resistance training, or simply break a sweat on your way back from the office or school!

Our diverse weekly classes included full body workouts like Strength & Conditioning and HIIT, as well as targeted classes for specific gains!  Our instructors are highly qualified and very passionate about what they do making the classes both enjoyable and worth attending again and again! For anyone looking for fitness classes near Philadelphia, give our classes a try!

All Our Fitness Classes Are Included With Your Membership Or Day Pass Purchase

Our Fitness Offerings

The best selection of group exercise classes in the Philadelphia region!

Core Conditioning

By strengthening your core muscles you will see improvement your stability and balance, soon developing into better posture, increased endurance, and the potential for faster gains in other fitness areas! Also if you have physique goals, building a strong foundation of core muscles can help those abs peak through!

In addition to your fitness goals, a stronger core can help reduce or relieve back pain that comes from our increasingly sedentary jobs and lifestyles, improving our quality of life and ability to take part in our activities of daily living.

Strength Training + Strength and Conditioning

Strength Training is the foundation to increase overall physical strength, but it’s much more than just picking up heavy things and putting them down!  Increasing your functional strength will make you feel stronger, more confident, and less likely to strain yourself in everyday life. Whether you’re just starting on your fitness journey or an experienced lifter, our talented instructors will get you building muscle, moving better, and functionally fit in no time!

Mobility For Climbers

Mobility—or increasing joint range of motion and reducing muscle tension— is crucial to include in your athletic and fitness development. This class is slower paced and relaxed, while still challenging various muscle groups throughout the whole body. In other words, you probably won’t sweat, but you’ll feel the burn.

High Intensity Interval Training + Ladies HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, focuses on short bursts of intense exercises followed by periods of active recovery.  This style of workout allows for maximum gains in a relatively short amount of time.  Studies show HIIT workouts can generate similar benefits as twice as workouts of moderate intensity. This class will help spike your metabolic rate for hours afterward, making it a fantastic start to your evening climbing sessions.

We also offer a ladies-only version of this class!

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