Summer Camp

Summer is coming! Do you know how you will keep your children from bouncing off the walls in your home? We know, let them climb on ours! Camp REACH intertwines memorable climbing experiences and education through play and immersive learning, specifically designed to burn off their extra energy while teaching them new skills and improving their climbing abilities.

We have engineered this camp for young climbers to safely and playfully learn the ins and outs of rock climbing. Our camp offers a wide variety of climbing experiences that will keep experienced and first-time climbers engaged and challenged each and every day. With safety as a focal point, we will teach your kids the proper technique of climbing, work on team-building skills, social skills and kinesthetic development through games and activities, and burn off energy through a plethora of climbing exercises and challenges.

Both half and full day sessions are available, during which our experienced staff members will tour your children through our facility, and present them with different ways to push through their fears and work towards the goals; which they will progressively work towards throughout the week(s). This camp is open to kids of all ability levels, Ages 5 to 12!

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