Adults First Time Climbers

Staff Belay

Our hour-long climbing sessions entail our certified staff handling the ropes for you and up to 3 others. This is perfect for first-time climbers or kids to comfortably introduce them to the walls. Call to book your Staff Belay class today!

Introductory Belay Class

Learn to be on the other end of the rope for your climbing partner! During this one-hour class, you’ll learn the crucial skills of how to be a competent belayer. Belaying is the act of managing the rope for the climber, allowing them to climb tall routes safely. Completion of the Top Rope Belay class allows you to climb when you want, where you want, and without having to depend on our staff or auto-belays!

If you’re looking for a rock climbing for beginners class (whether you are an absolute beginner or only have limited experience), then this is the class for you.

Bouldering & Auto Belays

No registration is required. With the purchase of a day pass and rental climbing gear, you can come in, take a quick orientation, then try your hand at bouldering or Auto Belays. Bouldering has no ropes involved and allows climbers to climb to a designated height over safety crash pads. Auto Belays require a short orientation before being able to climb a few of our taller roped walls.