Corporate Team Building and School Trips

Corporate Team Building

Make your next corporate team building event one that everyone remembers and revels in! Here at Reach, our goal is to boost team morale, invigorate down- trodden employees and integrate culturally diverse work groups in a safe and encouraging environment. During your experience, we will use team activities to help you and your team reach new heights both physically and mentally!

We start our session with your team by using a wide variety of climbing and non- climbing team-building games that force employees to both collaborate and master interdependence in order to accomplish common goals. We then blend the three major

themes that are pervasive in climbing and the work-place: Communication, Trust, and Determination; and follow a curriculum designed to set you up for a confident outlook and success on our proud walls. Our CWA Certified staff members and professional climbers will be your guides as you problem solve and balance patience with persistence on and off the wall.

Due to the diverse mix of local businesses we work with, we allow companies to customize their experiences to better fit their needs. Whether you’d like to utilize our corporate meeting space for a year-end review and luncheon with interspersed team- building activities, or just want a few hours one afternoon climbing together, we will match your experience to your vision. Simply send us a few notes on what you want for your team and we’ll do all the work for you to make it happen!

***Optional a la carte Breakfast or Lunch available on request.

We believe, if we can help your team obtain the tools and mindset

that is needed to achieve success on a 58-ft rock wall, realistic career oriented goals will be a breeze! Your employees will

walk out of our doors with an enhanced comfort with risk and desire to accomplish impressive goals.

Price: $50/person

Time Options: 2 or 3 hour experiences available.

School Trips

Experience our AMAZING SPACE and do things you never thought possible!

Our state-of-the-art team building space lends itself to be a playground for the development of problem solving, communication, and collaboration between participants. Your students will be guided through our 22,000 square foot world of rock climbing that will provide healthy obstacles for everyone, while allowing your group to bond over the shared challenges and victories.

Our professional athletes and Climbing Wall Association certified staff will work and laugh together with your students as they show them the ropes of safety, teach physical problem solving on the wall, and make sure students of all levels of fitness are engaged and rewarded.

Reach Climbing and Fitness gives students of all ages, sizes and shapes a chance to push past the limits they have set for themselves, and develop a renewed sense of kinship and trust in their fellow students.

Above all else, students will laugh, cheer and encourage their classmates as they climb up our 58 ft top-rope climbing walls, climb on our indoor boulders above thick padding, race each other up our dual-lane speed climbing wall, climb blindfolded, 3- legged climb and go head-to-head in team climbing relay races!

Pricing for Groups:

# of climbers: Price/student

20-50: $28/student

51-75: $27/student

76-100: $26/student

100+: $25/student

For school day trip booking please contact Charlie at Reach Climbing and Fitness, 484-412-4063 or email