Beginner Climbing Options

Staff Belay

Sign up for an hour-long climbing session with our certified instructors handling the ropes for you and up to 3 other people! This is perfect for first-time climbers to introduce them to the fun of climbing, or returning climbers who haven’t learned to belay yet! 

Includes necessary equipment.

All ages welcome.

1 or 2 Climbers – $65

3 Climbers – $90

4 Climbers – $115

Top Rope Belay Classes

Learn to be on the other end of the rope for your climbing partner! During this class, you’ll learn the crucial skills of how to be a competent belayer.

Completing the Top Rope Belay class and passing the follow-up test allows you to climb when and where you want, without having to depend on our staff or auto-belays!

$45 For Non-Members

Free For Members

Must Be At Least 14 Years Old To Attend Belay Class

Includes Necessary Equipment

& Day Pass For Remainder Of Day

Bouldering & Auto Belays

No registration required. With the purchase of a day pass and gear rental you can come in and take a quick orientation then try your hand at bouldering or Autobelays.

Bouldering has no ropes involved and allows climbers to climb to a designated height over safety mats.

Auto Belays & Bouldering require a short orientation before being able to climb.

Must be 14+ Years Old To Use Autobelays Or Boulder, Or, Be Under The Direct Supervision Of A Trained Adult.