7 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Rock Climbing Summer Camp

Rock Climbing Summer Camp

7 Reasons to Send Your Kids to Rock Climbing Summer Camp

Got any plans for your kids next summer? Summertime is the perfect time for kids to go out, experience the world, and create new memories. It’s the perfect time for them to go see their friends, hangout, have sleepovers, and just fully immerse themselves in their childhood.

Summer Camp is often an integral part of building and experiencing that childhood. That’s why it’s important for parents to seek out, be open to, and explore summer camp options that their kids might possibly enjoy.

That being said, have you ever considered enlisting your kids in rock climbing summer camp?

Believe it or not, rock climbing activities have several very good benefits that will help kids develop into strong, confident, and healthy individuals. There are a lot of mental and physical skills developed when your kids get involved in rock climbing, skills that will help them all throughout their lifetime.

Not fully convinced? Well, not to worry! We’ve listed out below ten benefits your kids will get should they decide to give rock climbing summer camp a try.

1. Unplug and Unwind

These days, you’ll find more and more young kids glued to their phones, tablets, or computers. The onset of the pandemic wasn’t any help either. With kids being confined indoors for long periods of time, many of them have probably forgotten what it’s like to play outside, let alone exercise their fine motor and gross motor skills.

Rock climbing summer camp provides an opportunity for kids to unplug and unwind, to get in touch with their excitable and energetic natures, and to experience the joys of climbing without the dangers and pitfalls they might often encounter if they were to climb, say, the tree in your backyard instead.

Rock Climbing Summer Camp

2. Build Confidence

Is your kid the shy type, the quiet type? Well, the thing about rock climbing is that it’s a largely individual sport. During the course of a climb, your kids will face challenges, struggles, and trials that will challenge their thinking, their self-confidence, as well as their self-perception.

At the beginning of the camp, they may be frightened, scared, and overwhelmed at trying to climb a wall so high. But as they begin to learn the ropes and basics of rock climbing, and continue to work through each step to move forward, they begin to build greater confidence in themselves, up until the point where they’ve finally conquered their first wall.

3. Improve Hand, Foot, And Eye Coordination

Fine motor skills and gross motor skills can be developed in every child. Rock climbing is able to help them target and exercise both, since you’re dealing with fine grips and transitions, as well as exercising greater balance, strength, and coordination.

Rock climbing requires that you’re able to navigate and estimate the distances between one hold and the next. It involves practically every major muscle group in your body and requires the use of both hands and both legs, giving your kids a full workout of their entire bodies.

Rock Climbing Summer Camp

4. Develop Problem Solving Skills

Rock climbing not only gets those arm and legs muscles moving, but it also helps flex your brain muscles.

There are some that have likened rock climbing to puzzle solving. After all, when you find yourself looking up at the wall you’re about to climb, you’re already planning out your route, figuring out which path might be easiest to take, where things get difficult or challenging, and how to conquer such challenges once you face them.

5. Learn To Conquer Fears

One thing that rock climbing definitely helps develop is the courage to face one’s fears. The fact that participants are tethered to a safety helps keep them feeling at ease even when they find themselves ten feet off the ground. But that’s not all.

Rock climbing can also help kids conquer that fear of failure. After all, climbing and conquering a wall usually doesn’t happen in one go. Oftentimes, it requires them to try and try again. The great thing about rock climbing is that despite your kids falling down over and over, they’ll still be able to pick themselves up and climb to the top.

Rock Climbing Summer Camp

6. Make Friends & Join A Community

Any and every summer camp is all about making new friends. A rock climbing summer camp is no different. Kids will get to spend time with others their age, talking about how they would solve the puzzle that is the wall, how they’d handle and climb over certain areas, and share all sorts of tips and tricks that they’d learned themselves during their climb.

7. Create New Memories

Our childhood memories shape our teenage and adult life in more ways than one. It’s during our childhood that we begin to form certain mindsets, attitudes, and characteristics that (left unchecked) may or may not influence the way we act and react to situations in our adult life.

Allowing your kids to create new memories wherein they’re solving problems, building confidence, and taking on various rising challenges can help them have a more positive outlook in life. It can help them realize that they are capable if they try, and that it’s okay to struggle every once in a while.

Send Your Kids On The Adventure!

Like any other summer camp, our rock climbing summer camp is both safe and secure, and fully supervised. Your kids will be taught by and assisted by our best facilitators and coaches, who will not only teach them how to rock climb, but also the valuable lessons that go with it.

So if you’re looking to develop a holistic attitude, mindset, and physique in your kids, consider sending them to our rock climbing summer camp. They’ll be sure to both develop their inner and outer selves and come out of it with some valuable life lessons and applications.

After all, our curriculum isn’t just about teaching them to climb, but is also about giving them the confidence and the mental fortitude to succeed in life.

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