8 Steps to Throwing The Best Ninja Warrior Birthday Party!

ninja warrior birthday party

8 Steps to Throwing The Best Ninja Warrior Birthday Party!

Celebrating those precious little moments in life is crucial to the human experience. While that most certainly is true for us adults, it is especially so for children. Making joyful memories with them when they are young will lead to a fruitful, healthy, and successful adult life.

One moment in their young lives that we should make memorable is their birthdays. Birthdays are the perfect days to remind your children of how special they truly are and let them have some fun with family and friends while doing so!

However, planning a birthday party isn’t always the easiest ordeal, as it includes a good deal of planning and overall ensuring your child and their friends have the time of their lives! One example of a superb party that is guaranteed to be loads of fun for them and be healthy for them to boot is a ninja warrior birthday party!

What Is a Ninja Warrior Birthday Party?

Ninja warrior birthday parties involve children traversing a series of obstacle courses by running, jumping, crawling, swinging, climbing, and a host of other thrilling movements. Plus, the obstacle courses are catered specifically for their age group, meaning they’ll be both fun and safe for them without being far too challenging!

So, now that you’re undoubtedly thinking about throwing a ninja warrior birthday party for your child’s next birthday, let’s go over how you can do so, step by step.

ninja warrior birthday party

1. Find a Venue and Book a Date

Some parents enjoy having this party in their backyard, but we recommend against that. Not only will that be strenuous and time-consuming for you but also could lead to more injuries for your child and guests!

Instead, find a venue that offers ninja warrior birthday parties, like us here at Reach Climbing & Fitness! These parties are specifically designed to be tons of fun and safe for all attendees and include professional supervision and guidance.

Once you find a venue that caters to your budget and requirements, book a date that works best for your family.

2. Create and Send Out Ninja-Themed Invites Yourself

Now that you have the venue set, you will need to let all those you would like to invite know! First, configure how many attendees you can have at the venue. From there, designate which of your child’s friends you’d like to invite. Don’t forget about their siblings and parents as well!

Once you have the guest list sorted out, you should create some fun, ninja warrior-themed invites! These invites can be classic paper invites that you send in the mail or email invitations. The choice is really yours! Just make sure to include an RSVP option for all those you do invite in order to keep tabs on who will be coming and who won’t be.

3. Remind Families of Safety Precautions and Ask About Allergies

To make it easy on yourself, try to include a list of safety precautions and attire options in the invite. That way, parents have ample time to prepare certain items so their children can have a fun and safe experience!

Safety precautions can include reminding parents to pack the right clothes for their kids, like exercise shorts or pants and sneakers. You can also tell parents to pack the appropriate medicine just in case they may need it. You should also ask them if their children have any allergies, such as nuts, gluten, shellfish, etc. These points will be great to know for later!

4.  Bring Lots of Snacks and Drinks (Consider Allergies!)

You should also ensure the kids are able to snack while getting their great workout! Snacks can include salsa and chips, potato chips, candy, chocolate, fruit, vegetable platters— anything you deem necessary!

However, be sure to keep in mind that some children may have allergies, which is why you should absolutely ask parents ahead of time about them. For example, you wouldn’t want to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches if one child has a serious peanut allergy!

Before gathering these snacks and drinks, though, talk with someone at your designated venue to make sure it’s okay. You certainly don’t want to gather all these food and drink items, then be surprised with a “no outside food or drinks” policy upon arrival!

Here at Reach Climbing & Fitness our party packages include food and beverages, so this is worth considering if you want to plan an unforgettable party with the least amount of hassle.

5. Make Sure Your Venue Offers Food or Bring Your Own

Aside from some fun snacks, you should ensure that the kids eat some sort of hearty meal. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, really (and probably shouldn’t be, considering what kids tend to really enjoy eating!). Opt for pizza, sandwiches, chicken fingers with fries, etc.

Check in with your venue first. Maybe they already offer these foods in with the birthday party and/or don’t allow outside food!

If you decide to throw a party with us at Reach Climbing & Fitness, just know that we do offer pizza in our birthday party packages!

6. Bake or Buy a Ninja-Themed Cake or Cupcakes!

What is a birthday party without a birthday cake? You can either bake or purchase a cake or cupcakes for the party. However, you can always take this a step further and decorate these delectable options so they align with the ninja warrior theme!

Remember to bring along paper plates, disposable forks, napkins, and wet napkins, especially if the venue doesn’t supply them. Don’t forget the candles and a lighter!

7.Have a Chat with Your Son or Daughter

Before heading off to their exciting birthday party, you should sit down and have a conversation with your son or daughter. Remind them to have a good time (because they of course deserve to have fun!), but to also be courteous with their friends, their families, instructors, and you! They also should always include others and remember their manners (thank you, please, etc.).

8. Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

When the day finally arrives, don’t forget to have as much fun as you can, too! Remember: it is their day to celebrate their birth, which you had a large part in, so, yes, it is your day, too! Enjoy it!

We hope that the ninja warrior birthday party you throw will be an exemplary one! When you work with us, we will ensure that! Give us a call today to get yours ready to roll at 484-704-7612!

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