Considering Full-Body Workouts? Here’s Why You Should Try Them

Indoor climbing

Considering Full-Body Workouts? Here’s Why You Should Try Them

Yoga, pilates, HIIT, CrossFit, rock climbing, cycling, running, personal training– the number of potential forms of exercise can be dizzying. What’s even more difficult is to decipher which will bring the most benefits to you, your motivation, your goals, and your body.

One category of exercise that has time and time again gotten the attention of experts and exercise enthusiasts alike is full-body workouts. These types of workouts have yielded astounding results for nearly any and all body types, so let’s take a closer look as to why that is and some classic full-body workout programs to try.

What Are Full-Body Workouts?
Full-body workouts are single-session exercises that incorporate working your entire body. In these exercises, no muscle group is left behind: core, legs, chest, back, and arms.

These particular workouts can effectively “even out” your workouts so that every single muscle gets enough attention to strengthen it and you can even burn fat in the process. Quite the winning combination, we’d say.

How Often Should You Do Full-Body Workouts?
While these workouts can bode well for you and your body (we’ll get into specific benefits in a moment), you shouldn’t indulge in them every day, as tempting as it might be. It is recommended that you should only do full-body workouts 3 days per week. This is because your body can, for lack of a better term, get banged up, so it needs proper rest days in between.

What Are the Benefits of Full-Body Workouts?
Now onto answering the big question: “What are the specific benefits of full-body workouts?”

Major Timesaver
Instead of going to the gym 4-6 times per week as you would typically with split workouts (working out separate muscle groups each session), you only need to go 3 days per week with a full-body workout regiment.

While your individual gym sessions may be a bit longer, the time you’re saving throughout the week is substantial, leaving you more time for other activities. Those activities can be anything, from running errands to even involving yourself in sports!

Great for Fat Loss and Muscle Building
For those looking for the best of both worlds, you can get what you desire with full-body workouts. These workouts are excellent for both burning fat and building muscle. With the right program, you can continue to burn fat while resting and even post-workout!

But, since you are working each muscle group at least twice per week, you’re building that desired muscle strength.

Indoor climbing

Practical for Irregular Schedules
Life happens and you’re going to occasionally not make it to the gym or your classes. With split workouts, missing even one workout in a week can really throw off your entire program, as you may skip a muscle group or two for the week. Not ideal, to say the least.

But, with full-body workouts, if you miss one workout, it’s really not the end of the world. You can come back the following day and your program may not be affected at all, since you really should only be doing it 3 times per week anyway. Calling all irregular schedule holders– we have your best possible workout right here.

Great Workout + Interest – Boredom = True Success
When you have a workout program that doesn’t pique your interest, you are far less likely to want to do it– and, therefore, less driven to actually make it to the gym in the first place.

Full-body workouts are extremely versatile, allowing you to vastly increase your interest in them and decrease the possibility of boredom. That, in turn, drastically boosts your gym attendance and overall success. Now that’s an equation we can live with.

3 Popular and Effective Full-Body Workout Programs to Try
The gym isn’t for everybody, nor is creating your own workout program. That is why full-body workout programs and classes are especially popular. Let’s look at just three of these workout programs to pique your interest and get you working out right!

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing is a thrilling and unique low-impact full-body workout. Rock climbing in general works out every muscle group while testing (and building) your cardiovascular strength alongside your mental strength. Plus, indoor climbing can be a highly competitive sport, which can push you beyond your preconceived limits!

Kickboxing is another sublime example of a powerful full-body workout program. It both strengthens muscles (in every muscle group) and builds cardiovascular endurance. It also assists in building peer relationships, relieving stress, and improving agility.

HIIT Classes
HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, features intermittent vigorous moves and short recoveries. These types of full-body workouts are excellent for burning fat and toning muscles, all within a doable time frame.

For those interested in indoor climbing gyms and are located in the Philadelphia area, give our climbing gym a shot! We have several fully-body workout programs to try that include sanitary equipment and knowledgeable staff. Give us a call today to learn more at 484-704-7612.

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