Fit Is In! Try Out These 8 Fitness Crazes of 2022

rock climbing clases for adults

Fit Is In! Try Out These 8 Fitness Crazes of 2022

As we all know, the pandemic threw a major wrench in everyone’s plans and overall lifestyles. Businesses of all kinds and sizes were forced to close. Civilians were restricted to solely their homes, unable to visit their everyday locations: work, family and friends’ residences, and even the gym.

Fortunately, due to the rollout of vaccines and stringent adherence to COVID-protective procedures, the pandemic appears to be winding down and people across the globe are slowly returning to their “normal” lives (and doing so joyfully!). Everyone is picking up where they left off– and that includes their physical fitness!

Our overall understanding of physical fitness has greatly altered since the pandemic, leading to a slew of new fitness crazes– and extremely effective ones at that. Let’s take a look at just eight of the hottest fitness crazes in 2022 you should definitely try out!

1.Indoor Rocking Climbing

rock climbing clases for adults
We all know what rock climbing is (or, at the very least, get the gist of it), but did you know that there is also indoor rock climbing? Rock climbing indoors affords you better protection from the elements and other potential hazards than outdoors among many other benefits.

That’s why indoor rock climbing has become so popular in recent years– that, and it’s just a great time for all! There are even rock climbing classes for adults, which vary from complete beginners to advanced climbers. Here at Reach Climbing & Fitness, we have an assortment of effective rock climbing clases for adults (and other fitness classes for adults!) with personable and enthusiastic instructors.

Wondering about the advantages of rock climbing? There are many, such as boosted endurance, increased strength in joints and muscles, and great mental exercise, too!

2.HIIT Classes
HIIT, which stands for high-intensity interval training, refers to workouts that involve periods of intense exercises followed by short breaks (also referred to as “recoveries”). HIIT workouts have become so popular because they typically pique exercisers’ interest with their varying workouts.

That, and they bode well for simultaneously losing weight and toning muscles because they both burn fat (during and after the workout!) and strengthening muscles. The cherry on top is that it all can be accomplished within a doable time frame.


rock climbing clases for adults
Kick your physical fitness into high gear with kickboxing! Kickboxing is essentially as it sounds: a form of boxing that includes kicking. This intensive workout releases a load of endorphins, leading to a highly uplifting mood during and afterwards.

This full-body workout is a real test on both your physical and mental strength. Kickboxing improves your strength (both physical and mental), cardiovascular endurance, balance, and helps in releasing stress to boot (excuse the pun).

4.Cycling (Peloton and In-Person Classes)
Cycling has become drastically more popular in recent years, especially since the pandemic. While people at home and gyms were closed, they needed to figure out a way to successfully workout inside their homes– and that’s when Peloton took off at an exponential rate.

Peloton is essentially a stationary bike with a virtual instructor-led cycling class via the equipment’s app. Users follow along with the virtual class while riding their own stationary bike, getting an excellent workout with fellow users.

While Peloton bikes were more sought after during the pandemic than they are now, they are still quite popular– as are in-person cycling classes now that gyms and fitness centers have reopened. Cycling in either form is a great way to build relationships, improve cardiovascular fitness, and tone muscles. Plus, it’s as easy as riding a bike!

While yoga is a practice that is nearly 5,000 years old and is therefore not technically “new,” its popularity has undeniably skyrocketed in recent years. This is because yoga seamlessly integrates and hones both physical and mental health. Mindfulness is a key ingredient in the mix, which is a principle that can also be applied in everyday life away from your yoga mat.

This form of exercise improves posture, strengthens your lungs and heart, boosts mental clarity, improves flexibility and balance, and even assists in weight loss.


 rock climbing clases for adults
CrossFit is a highly intensive fitness training regimen that involves a variety of exercises, both with and without weights. The movements in CrossFit are unique yet target several muscles in your body at once when done properly. It’s an excellent way to build strength and endurance.

One of the major benefits of the movements in CrossFit is that they can directly translate to life outside the gym, such as using proper form when lifting heavy objects in your home or office.

7.Outdoor Training
Since the pandemic caused so many people across the globe to stay so long indoors, they quickly realized the importance of the great outdoors. That is what has lead to a boost in the prevalence of outdoor training of all kinds. This can include outdoor rock climbing, hiking, cycling, running, sports, walking, and so much more.

It is true, of course, that these were popular prior to the pandemic, but they have grown increasingly more so since the pandemic. This even includes walking around the neighborhood on lunchbreaks while working from home!

8.Online Training

rock climbing classes for adults
While the pandemic has subsided quite a bit, causing people to more often leave their homes to exercise, there is still a high demand for online training. This is because people still want to workout from home.

Maybe the weather is undesirable to go through to get to the gym or their workout classes. Maybe they don’t have the time to travel to these places every day. Or, maybe, they just love the convenience of working out from home!

Whatever the case may be, online training is a great option for many of us. These online training classes can be Peloton (like mentioned above), yoga classes, pilates, HIIT workouts, and so much more! There are plenty of apps and websites available that offer these online classes. Check with your local gym as well because they may offer them, too!

Physical fitness is one of the most important parts of living a happy, healthy life. Start prioritizing it today (if you haven’t already)! Peruse our offerings of exciting fitness classes, like our rock climbing classes for adults and yoga classes, too, and truly “Reach” your climbing and fitness goals!

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