Looking to Start Exercising? Let’s Workout a Plan!

indoor rock climbing for beginners

Looking to Start Exercising? Let’s Workout a Plan!

You’ve landed here because you have finally come to an important conclusion: it’s time to start working out.

Let us first start off by congratulating you on having come to this deduction and deciding to act upon it! Physical exercise in its many forms is an undeniably advantageous activity in countless ways. Whether you’re starting a gym membership or looking for something a bit more ambitious like indoor rock climbing for beginners, this guide will help get you started.

The Advantages of Physical Exercise
Let’s continue to boost that motivation you have to get sweating by supplying you with some notable and enticing benefits of regular physical activity.

Weight Management
A majority of beginner fitness enthusiasts start exercising because they’ve recognized that their weight has gone beyond their preferred (and even their body’s) limit. In tandem with a healthy and balanced diet, exercise can lead to weight loss and overall improved weight management.

Increase Mental Wellness
One of the most fulfilling aspects of physical exercise can be experienced almost immediately after cooling down. Physical activity can lead to decreased feelings of anxiety and depression, increased concentration, sharpen your overall thinking abilities, relieve stress, and even help you sleep better!

That’s right: working out your physical body means working out your mind, too.

Make Everyday Life Easier by Strengthening Muscles and Bones
Tired of feeling exhausted from climbing a set of stairs? Struggling to lift up even light objects around your home? Regular exercise can help you with that. It can strengthen your muscles and bones, even alleviate pain in your joints if done right, which will make everyday movements significantly easier on you and your body.

Increase Chances of Living a Longer and Healthier Life
Living a life that is healthy and active will likely lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. Regular physical activity can assist you in battling off various illnesses and diseases (even numerous cancers) and decrease your chances of injury (such as from falling).

In fact, according to the CDC, people who are active at least 150 minutes per week have about a 33% lower risk of all-cause mortality than those who don’t exercise at all. Now that is a statistic we can live with.

Why Try a Group Fitness Class and Not Just Go to the Gym?

indoor rock climbing for beginners
Now that we have gone over some of the main benefits of exercising, it’s time to decide what form of exercise would be best for you, which we believe to be organized group fitness classes. But why choose a group fitness class above all else?

More Fun Equals More Attendance (and More Goals Met)
Let’s face it: are you really going to be inclined to continually do something that you hate? Probably not.

And that principle certainly applies to exercising. That is one reason why we suggest starting out with group fitness classes: they’ll be thrilling because they can be drastically different every time, from instructor to individual movements. That means decreased boredom and an increased likelihood you’ll be going back for more.

Increased Camaraderie and Motivation
Another reason is to increase your motivation, which will keep you working out regularly and deter you from giving up. By building strong relationships with your fellow classmates and your instructors, you’ll have somebody to hold you accountable, furthering your chances of attending more classes. Plus, a little bit of competition never hurt anyone!

No Planning: More Time and Likely More Success for You
Planning your workout can be irksome and time-consuming. By attending fitness classes, you simply need to show up, do what you’re told, and leave sweaty (and hopefully happy). That’s it. That means more time for you to accomplish other tasks you need to get done in your free time!

Plus, you always know you’ll be getting a successful workout every time because each workout is designed by professionals. So many wins in one place.

4 Great Group Fitness Classes for Beginners
Now is the time to figure out which fitness class for beginners would be the most enticing and potentially gratifying option for you! Below are just four great group fitness classes to consider!

Pilates has been a popular form of low-impact exercise since its inception around 80 years ago. Pilates is often confused with yoga (more on yoga in a moment), as it does often utilize yoga poses, but also incorporates other powerful movements.

This is an excellent option for beginners because it provides indulgers with gentle muscle strengthening maneuvers. However, even when the most difficult exercises arise, they can be easily modified for beginners’ needs.

Yoga is a traditional method dating back nearly 5,000 years that operates by symphonically balancing both physical and mental practices. It effectively tones muscles, increases flexibility (a truly underappreciated element of physical fitness), and boosts mental clarity. When involving yourself in more intense yoga practices (ashtanga and power yoga, for example), weight loss is a possible effect as well.

Cycling: it’s as easy as riding a bike! Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves, but that pun is quite applicable as to why cycling is a great fitness class option for beginners: if you already know how to ride a bike, you can take a cycling class!

While cycling classes can be quite intense, they’re great for beginners because of their ease of introduction, instructor’s energy and guidance, the fun music playing, and the unwavering tenacity of your fellow cyclists!

4.Indoor Rock Climbing for Beginners
That’s right: there is indoor rock climbing for beginners, so no need to have ever climbed a steep rock face to get climbing. This is an excellent form of exercise for anyone, from beginners to advanced climbers, because it ticks all the boxes:

●Boosts your endurance

●Excellent cardiovascular exercise

●Works your mentality too (there is lots of problem-solving involved)

●Strengthens all of your muscles and joints

●Thrilling and unique!

If you are in the Philly area, try any one of our indoor rock climbing for beginners classes!

Consult a Doctor Before Attending Class
As a beginner in exercising, however, it is exceptionally important that you consult your doctor first before starting any new workout program. This is because you may have some specific ailment that, paired with a specific program, can lead to a dangerous situation for you.

We do not want that. We want you to be healthy, after all. Once you start to consider specific fitness classes, call your doctor and discuss if they are indeed right for you.

Once you get the “OK” from your doctor, you’re ready to start! Wear comfortable and breathable exercise clothes and footwear, bring a water bottle, and any other particular equipment that the class requires of you.

We are proud that you have chosen to begin your fitness journey and we can’t wait to see where it takes you! If you’d like to start with indoor rock climbing for beginners, give us a call today at 484-704-7612.

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