Some of the Most Difficult Yoga Poses to Master

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Some of the Most Difficult Yoga Poses to Master

Yoga is often seen as a relaxing and even spiritual activity that balances your mind and keeps you flexible. But yoga can actually be pretty difficult as far as exercises go!

Here at Reach Climbing, we offer structured yoga classes that can help give you the foundation necessary to try some of these more advanced poses. If you’re looking to shake up your workout routine with some intense yoga, we have the exact poses for you to strive for!

Eka Hasta Vrksasana – One Handed Tree Pose

We’re jumping right in with a yoga pose that requires extreme strength and balance. This pose is only possible if you know how to not only do a handstand, but a one-handed one!

You’ll have your hands planted on the ground, making sure your fingers are in a claw-like position for better balance. Then, once you are balanced and have your legs above you, open your legs wide like tree branches on a sturdy oak. Once you’re balanced once again, lift one of your hands off the floor, keeping your limbs all straight.

This yoga pose is all about focus and core strength.

Taraksvasana — Handstand Scorpion

Another handstand pose! Again, plant your hands firmly on the ground, keeping your fingers bent for balance. Once you’re balanced, slowly arch your back, bending your legs at the knees. Keep arching until your toes reach your head (or as close as you can get them).

This pose requires incredible flexibility and perfect balance. You can practice doing it by starting on the wall. Arch your back and touch the wall with your toes. Move them forward towards your head. Meanwhile, you’ll want to be breathing slowly, moving your legs further with each breath.

Sirsa Padasana – Head To Foot Pose

Here’s a similar pose to try out!

This pose is all about the backbend. Your chest, hands, and chin should all be touching the floor. Keep your legs bent at the knee as you raise them over your head. The goal is to get the bottom of your feet as close to the top of your head as possible.

This pose requires muscular strength and deep spine flexibility, so take your time and ease into it!

Pungu Mayurasana – Wounded Peacock

The Wounded Peacock is the Peacock pose — already difficult — but with one arm. The final pose has you holding yourself up with one arm bent at the elbow. Your chest and head are parallel to the ground and then your legs are lifted into the air behind you, representing the peacock’s tail.

This pose is very hard to learn but is seen as very beneficial. This pose will strengthen your wrists, shoulders, and arms. You can also improve digestion, some say. Along with the physical challenges, this pose also takes mental focus.

yoga classes

Sayanasana – Scorpion Pose Variation

Everyone knows the Scorpion Pose but there’s a different variation that’s incredibly tough. You stand on your elbows, already a challenge within itself. If you are able to balance that way, start pulling your feet up toward your head, bending them at the knees. Your back will also need to start arching as you bring your feet closer to your head.

Sirsasana li Padmasana — Tripod Headstand with Lotus Pose

This pose is based on a headstand. This is already something only advanced yogis do. First, sit in a lotus position. That’s when you cross your legs with the bottom of your feet both facing towards your body. Then place your hands on the floor and go into a headstand. Keep your balance and then put your legs straight in the air.

Move your right foot on top of your left thigh. Then move your left foot on your right thigh, snuggling your legs to fit closer into the position. This move is easier when you’re deep breathing and relaxing but it’s still a challenging one for any level of yoga enthusiast.

Kala Bhairavasana – Destroyer Of The Universe Pose

This is one of the most difficult looking poses but is a bit easier to master than others on the list. One arm is extended and your palm is on the floor, holding you up. The opposite leg is stretched out to the side, your foot planted on the floor as well. Slowly bend your body towards your arm and away from the outstretched leg.

Then, lift one arm towards the sky, keeping it as straight as possible. It will be above your head, keeping you centered. Then, for the toughest part. Place the leg from the same side as your arm behind your head!

You’ll need very flexible hips and a lot of balance. This is definitely a pose that takes a ton of athleticism.

Yoganidrasana – Yoga Sleep Pose

This is a very pretzel-like yoga pose. Lay on your back, then put your feet behind your head, one foot crossed on top of the other. To keep your knees as close to the floor as possible, you need to then put your arms on the outside of your legs and then clasp the small of your back. This will squeeze your legs closer to your body.

This pose is said to promote a feeling of calmness. Some yoga enthusiasts will sleep in this position! It’s a bit difficult for most people, however, since it will stretch a ton of your muscles. It may be one worth learning, however, if you want to learn a pose where you can close your eyes.

Yoga Classes in Philadelphia

Before you jump into any of these difficult poses, you may need to learn some of the yoga basics. If you’re looking for yoga classes in Philadelphia, look no further! We have yoga classes that relax your body and mind as well as strengthen your muscles.

Reach Climbing has beginners classes as well as specialized yoga classes. Restorative Yoga releases the tension in your muscles. Vinyasa encourages flexibility and balance. Yin Flow is slower and focused on deepening each pose. We even have Acro Yoga, which incorporates various acrobatic techniques in order to enhance the experience.

Check out our Philadelphia yoga class calendar if you would like to reserve a class!

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