Too Hot to Exercise Outside? Try Indoor Activities Instead!

indoor climbing gym

Too Hot to Exercise Outside? Try Indoor Activities Instead!

When summer finally rolls around, many people tend to get up and get out to get their exercise in. They indulge in outdoor activities and sports galore in the fresh air– and we love to see it!

However, the summer can be far too hot and humid on most days. It can actually be quite dangerous to participate in such outdoor activities because it is extremely easy to suffer from sunburn, sun poisoning, dehydration, or worse.

That’s why, when it is too hot and/or humid for you to actually enjoy outdoor activities safely, you should get your exercise in cool, air-conditioned indoor locations instead! Fortunately, we offer a large facility with an abundance of fitness equipment and classes to meet anybody and anybody’s needs!

Here are just a few excellent indoor activities for you to enjoy in the heat of the summer so you can comfortably, confidently, and happily workout!

Indoor Climbing Gym

Who says that rock climbing can only be conducted outdoors? Certainly not us! By choosing an indoor climbing gym like ours, you have access to climbing walls without the cumbersome environmental factors!

When you indulge in the luxury of an indoor climbing gym, you won’t have to worry about rain, wet rocks, scorching sunlight, wind, or even surprise animal encounters! You can climb in a safer environment (thank you, superb equipment and crash pads!) and one where you can do so with ease, professional guidance, and peace of mind.


indoor climbing gym

Practicing yoga outside in the heat can be great for your muscles, joints, and overall body (that’s why there’s hot yoga!), but when you aren’t in the mood to slip and slide in your own sweat, you simply aren’t! That’s why practicing yoga indoors is the best way to enjoy this ancient practice in the most comfortable environment!

You can give our yoga classes a try any time of the year, including the hottest months! Our classes are air-conditioned and range from beginner to advanced. We offer vinyasa, acro yoga, yin flow, and express yoga.

Vinyasa: incorporates fluid movements to promote strength, flexibility, and balance.

Acro Yoga: completed with a partner and either incorporates static poses or a dynamic flow.

Yin Flow: a gentle practice that involves more active yoga poses, especially strength-building poses.

Express Yoga: a faster-paced form of yoga that gets you moving and breathing in various postures.

Conditioning Classes

indoor climbing gym

When you are looking to make your muscles stronger and/or leaner, then you should try out fitness classes that specifically focus on attaining that goal! One excellent option is conditioning classes, which involve both cardio and weight lifting to increase the strength of the muscles throughout your body along with your endurance, agility, and flexibility.

Our Core Strength and Conditioning classes pay special attention to your core, which is the most important part of the body in terms of strength. Your core goes beyond just your “abs.” Your core includes all the muscles inside your body that attach to your spine and pelvis, such as the abdominals, diaphragm, hip flexor muscles, pelvic floor muscles, internal and external obliques, and erector spinae (among others).

And those are just your major core muscles! There are also minor core muscles, like your traps, lats, and glutes. While titled “minor,” they still play a key role in your body’s function and health, so shouldn’t be forgotten or taken lightly.

Strengthening your core is so important because all parts of it bear your weight and, if they are weak, you will be more prone to injury and other issues. With our conditioning classes, you could strengthen all parts of this bodily region– and all within the comfort of air conditioning!

Ninja Warrior

Ninja warrior isn’t just a popular TV show with strict casting, folks! You can enjoy trying our ninja warrior on your own (without all the cameras and heckling!). Both adults and children can engage in their own uniquely crafted ninja warrior obstacle courses, especially at our facility.

What exactly is ninja warrior? Ninja warrior classes involve participants traversing obstacle courses that are safe, variant, and fun! They provide ample benefits to your body, such as flexibility, improved balance, strengthened and toned muscles, improved endurance, boosted problem-solving skills, and improved concentration.

Here at Reach Climbing & Fitness, we offer classes for both adults (18+) and children so everyone can enjoy these challenging yet rewarding physical exertions. And, yes, they’re conducted in state-of-the-art locations with clean and safe equipment in ideal temperatures!

Try Out Reach Climbing & Fitness All Year Round!

You should never put your physical fitness on the back burner based on the season you’re in. Try out Reach Climbing & Fitness any time of the year for fun and truly rewarding fitness classes and more! Check out our indoor climbing gym memberships and beyond today! Let’s get to work together!

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