Why Rock Climbing is the Perfect Indoor Winter Date Idea

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Why Rock Climbing is the Perfect Indoor Winter Date Idea

Looking for indoor winter date ideas but coming up short? If you and your significant other aren’t afraid of a little adventure, we propose getting a rock climbing day pass for a day of adrenaline and excitement right here at Reach Climbing.


Read on and we’ll go into some of the benefits of indoor rock climbing gyms like ours and why this might be the perfect date idea if you don’t like the thought of braving the cold.

Why Indoor Rock Climbing?

Although it might seem a bit unorthodox, indoor rock climbing is taking off not only because it’s a great workout, but also because it’s simply fun.

Rock climbing is satisfying in that it requires a combination of dexterity, body strength, and mental sharpness in order to climb efficiently. What’s great about indoor rock climbing gyms rather than actual rock climbing is that there is much less risk for injury involved, not to mention cost and convenience. In a way, indoor rock climbing is a sport unto itself.

Indoor Rock Climbing Day Passes

Indoor rock climbing is a sport that you can definitely do on your own, but it’s much more fun to do with a partner. Here at Reach Climbing & Fitness in Philadelphia, you can purchase a rock climbing day pass for you and your significant other that offers access to all Reach facilities, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced walls, the 4,000 square-foot ninja room, their yoga and fitness studios, and their dedicated fitness center, featuring Peloton machines, TRX systems, and more.

New to rock climbing? Don’t worry! You can easily hire an experienced instructor that can show you the ropes, so to speak, right on the premises. It’s an excellent value, and great for couples who are looking to try out a new and engaging active experience.

The rock climbing day pass is also an excellent gift to give to your friends and family. You can purchase a rock climbing gym day pass anytime by calling us or visiting us here at Reach Climbing & Fitness in Bridgeport, PA.

Even if you are starting from scratch and have zero knowledge when it comes to rock climbing, that’s perfectly fine. An adult day pass will allow you to explore our facility and get a handle on everything we have to offer, and have some fun while you’re at it. No pressure! You will feel like a kid again learning how to get your footing and grip while scaling and climbing.

The Perfect Winter Date Idea?

Dating can be a drag during the winter months, no doubt about it.

When it comes to outdoor winter dates, couples are usually rather spoiled for choice. You could go out and make a snowman together, or go ice skating, skiing, or indulge in many other winter sports. You and your special someone can also spend a night walking around hand-in-hand, admiring the lights of the city you’re in with cups of hot chocolate in hand.

But what if you and your boo aren’t the biggest fans of the freezing weather? We know how it gets, especially in the city!

While you could just go see a movie or something along those lines, these days there’s not much appeal there. Malls are also not the same – with so much shopping done online now, many malls don’t have the same holiday vibe and usefulness as they once did, at least for couples looking for a fun and romantic time.

Arcades are few and far between. You could try bowling, but you can only bowl so much.

For something different that will not only challenge you mentally and physically but promote cooperation and some friendly competition, you can’t really go wrong with a rock climbing day pass. Our facility is packed with things to do – whether you want to start light and expose yourself to indoor rock climbing for the first time, or if you want to go all out on an advanced course, there’s something for every experience level.

Another thing to note about rock climbing is that it is considered a full body workout, which is sometimes hard to come by during the winter. When it’s too cold to go swimming or surfing, and cycling is out, you’re not left with very many options. Couples that enjoy exercising together will feel right at home here in our gym, so we encourage you to come out for a day and give it a try.

Need a little more information before you get started?

Check out our starter guide on Indoor Rock Climbing 101 here.

We also have a guide for rock climbing first timers here.

Still need some guidance? Just get in touch with us by calling us at 484-704-7612.

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